Win at the Slot Machine

Use your tokens at the slot machine and win prizes by pulling the slot when the arrow is at the side (while the slot machine is spinning). When the arrow is at the bottom, the slot should touch the bottom. 

Hole in the Wall

Start a game, and make holes in the wall as Barry crashes against the wall and picks up the machine gun jetpack. You can do this as much as you want until you complete a mission.

Extra Gold Coins

Pick up as many spin tokens as you can throughout the game. When you die, you can spin the tokens or turn them into 50 gold coins each. You’ll find the option to covert the currency on the bottom right of the screen.

Save your Cash!

Don’t buy stuff randomly. Coins are tough to get! You’re better off saving those coins for vehicle upgrades like magnets. Then you’ll be getting more coins with less effort.

Always in the Middle

Try to fly in the middle of the screen after 1,500 meters or so, as its easier to dodge zappers.

The Jetpack Joyride Hack

Get it for free on the main page and generate yourself free Coins with our brand new Generator.

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