Jetpack Joyride is a nonstop game developed by Halfbrick. Just like any other nonstop games, Jetpack Joyride will make you spend a lot of time playing it, even though it has neither storyline nor end. I will tell you some tips on playing this game and also, its hack. But first let’s see the overview of the game first.


You will play as Barry Steakfries, who is stealing a jetpack from a laboratory and is trying to escape with it. On the way, you will find other vehicles that will help you, from motorcycle to crazy freaking teleport. There is no goal in this game; you will never reach a finish because there isn’t any. Instead, you will play to get as much coin and achieve a high score as you can. To add, Jetpack Joyride comes with good graphic. Not only that, the music is also catchy too though it can be a distraction.



Not everyone wants to play hacked game. Some want the challenge in playing the game. For those kinds of people, I think these tips will be useful:

  1. Always take the vehicles and master their unique movements. Vehicles not only provide you with unique movements like motorcycle ground-base vehicle, anti-gravity that lets you jump and stick to the upper screen, or crazy freaking teleport that allows you to teleport to a certain place, it also serves as armor. If you hit an obstacle, instead of you dying, the vehicle is destroyed. It is pretty convenient, really.
  2. Keep Barry at the middle of the screen. It is the safest place you can put him.
  3. Never convert your chip into coins. Instead, use the slot machine. The prize might be useful for you.


Although the gameplay is simple (but fun!), not everyone has the time to gain all money to buy gadgets, jetpacks, clothes or accessories for Barry. If you’re playing the game to have fun yet don’t want to spend your time or money, you could use a hack instead. This way, you can buy those items for Barry quicker.

You can hack Jetpack Joyride in two ways. The first way is the online hack. What you need to do is enter your username, and write how many coins you want and or which items you want to unlock.

This is the sites that provide you with online Jetpack Joyride hack.

The second way is through software. You can download Jetpack Joyride hack software.

So that’s our overview, tips and hack for Jetpack Joyride. Have fun playing!

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