Since Jetpack Joyride, 1.3 update introduces 15 new gadgets (18 since the 1.3.5 update) that can be used by our hero Barry. The additional gadgets make jetpack joyride into a game that is better than before. Gadget divided into six sectors, in which you have to buy a number of gadgets before other sectors open. I must admit I was not very good in the travel history of the problem but here are some tips to maximize the farthest distance. You can also use Jetpack Joyride for fast effects.


Quick Equip Revise and Final Blast

  • Use Quick Revise if you die in your best spot near the last
  • Use Final Blast if you are already using the Quick Revise and has passed the best spot you last
  • Tap the screen in the top left corner, this way you still can see the rockets and zapper that will come
  • Try to always fly in the middle making it easy to scroll up and down
  • Use Gadget “Dezapinator” and “Turbo Boost” to increase the likelihood of your survival
  • The achievement should you chase after receiving a gadget “coin magnet” and “Flying Pig” so that more optimal. Because much of this achievement will open itself with the passage of you.

Blinged Out – Buy Golden vehicle upgrade.

  • You just upgrade one vehicle (vehicle gold) you. Need 5000 coins
  • Good Work, Woody – Run into the bottom obstacle three times in a row.
  • Which is actually quite easy, you just start the game and do not touch the exposed up zipper Repeat 3 times then this achievement will open.

Good Work, Sierra – Stare at the main Stash screen for 2 minutes.

  • You simply click the Stash (shown below) and then looked at 2 minutes; well actually you did not have to stare origin remains on the screen.

Good Work, Muscat – Open and close the main menu slider 10 times.

  • Quite obviously, you have to tap the slider main menu 10 times

Spice of Life – Take a ride in every vehicle in the game.

  • You must up all types of vehicle that are in this game, quite easily play it continues later this achievement will open itself.


Not so Green – Complete 10 missions.

  • Quite obviously, you have to complete 10 missions.

Gold Digger – Collect 20 coins while dead.

  • You have to collect 20 coins after you die, this usually happens when you meet zapper and there in front of a collection of coins. The main course continues this achievement normally open itself, is, even more, difficult if intentional.

Toastie – Get Toasted by a Missile 3 times in a row.

  • You should die of missiles 3 times in a row. This achievement is quite tricky because you have to stay alive until you meet missiles and deliberately avoided. If you die because of the zipper in the midst of it will be counted again from 0.

Marathon – Fly a total of 50kms.

  • You have to fly a total of 50 kilometers. Just play continues and eventually this achievement will open

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