In fact, you can play this game easily with theĀ Jetpack Joyride Hack. First of all, if you do not mind a bit of investment then I suggest buying the “counterfeit machine” that makes coin collecting so much faster. But if you had to open 50% of all the gadgets and unlockable then you do not need to buy it.

The first focus in collecting coins is to buy items that can facilitate you to more easily collect coins. Clothing and Jetpack just a visual upgrade alone so does not first buy the items. Vehicle upgrades (magnet) is actually quite helpful but quite expensive because the total you have to spend 25 thousand coins, just skip this beforehand. Vehicle upgrades to Golden vehicle are also just a visual upgrade without any effect so we skip first.


Things we have to focus on are to get the gadget Coin Magnet & Flying pig. Both these gadgets are gadgets fastest combination to collect coins. But because these gadgets are in sectors 4 and 5 means you first have to unlock gadgets before, so make sure you buy the cheapest gadget just to open a prerequisite coin magnet and a flying pig. In the early levels uses a combination of Token Gift and Gemology to produce coins.

Once you manage to get coin magnet and Flying pig, you have to play in short bursts. You do not need to reach a long distance and try not to take the vehicle because the vehicle while riding a coin magnet gadget will not work. Your goal here is to take as many coins and destroy the flying pig and took the coins. And do not forget to collect tokens.

There are three very nice tokens to collect coins, the first is + 1000 coin, the second + 500 coins and the third is the next coin 2x run. If you manage to get 2 x coins then you have to use it better in the next run.


Outsmart Coins Spin

Every time you get a token you can play the slot machines at the end of the game that contains a precious gift, such as coins + 1000. I do not know how to always get the stay coins + 1000, but I can share a few tips to get the jackpot.

In this way, the average managed about 80-90% so you understand how to do it. First of all is that you have to hold the red lever to the bottom screen but not to lay off-spinner. The aim is to shorten the time of withdrawal lever.

The second is that you have to complete the pull of a lever just as the red light came on (the red light beside the left and right levers are always flashing alternately). This proved very effective way to get the continuous jackpot.

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